CO.AS.IT. Italian Australian culture series on line. Talk #3.

We are proud to present L'Emigrante. Journeys of the Mandolin, a documentary by Maestro Carlo Aonzo.

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The mandolin, an iconic symbol of Italian identity, changes its shape and characteristics as it travels around the world and across cultures. Indeed, the mandolin is the musical instrument that has most variants: in this diversity lies its richness. In this documentary, Maestro Carlo Aonzo illustrates the mandolin’s migrations in Europe, South America, the United States and in Australia, where we will get to know some of the performers and plucked orchestras. Italian Australians distinguished themselves also in the field of instrument making, as in the case of Giovanni ‘Jack’ Cera in Melbourne. The documentary will end with an overview of the vibrant contemporary mandolin musical scene.

Carlo Aonzo is an Italian mandolinist of international renown. After graduating cum laude from the conservatory in Padua, he has played in all continents for prestigious institutions such as the Philharmonic Orchestra of La Scala in Milan (Italy), the Philharmonia of Saint Petersburg (Russia) and the Carnegie Hall in New York. Soloist, researcher, teacher and, since 2006 founder and director of the International Italian Mandolin Academy, Carlo boasts an extensive discography both in the fields of classical music and other musical genres. Complete biography at

Image: Maestro Carlo Aonzo with his mandolin. Photograph courtesy Angelica Colombini.