CO.AS.IT. Italian Australian culture series on line. Talk #6.

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"As a writer of Italian heritage I try to avoid simply creating stereotypes in my work. To this end I have had to think long and hard about my personal connection to my Italian heritage. In this talk I want to set out some of the conditions that have led me to write about our identity as children of Italian migrants to Australia in the post WW2 period, and about our generation’s shifting awareness of what it means to be an Italian in Australia.
My most recent novel Tribal Lores (Walker Books) is my 11th, and continues the exploration of the Italian Australian experiences of growing up in Melbourne – a representation of a wider Australian landscape. My novels have been staples on school curriculums here and overseas and have been awarded several significant awards, including the Globo Tricolore for Literature from Italy. Several years ago I was the proud recipient of the ISS Institute Literature Fellowship, and the resultant report The Future in Their Past is now in several key migration museums in Italy."
With the support of Multicultural Museums Victoria (MMV).
Image provided by Archimede Fusillo.