CO.AS.IT., in collaboration with the University of Melbourne and Dr Mark Nicholls, presents
Talks with Dr Mark Nicholls
GIORNI (Laura Muscardin, 2001)
Tuesday 20 April 2021, 6.30-8PM.
CO.AS.IT., 199 Faraday Street, Carlton, VIC 3053.
Free event. Registration essential below.
Laura Muscardin’s Giorni is a Romantic love story in the truest sense.  Its protagonist, Claudio (Thomas Trabacchi), is compelled towards a deepening encounter with Andrea (Riccardo Salerno) whom he meets in a casual hook up.  Confronted with Andrea’s unconditional love, Claudio is forced to consider his own desires and responsibilities in the context of his fastidiously maintained regime of discipline and self-control.  Muscardin’s visually energetic film is a work of tenderness and a stimulating look at the love and life story of a control freak living in the age of HIV.
Mark Nicholls is Senior Lecturer in Cinema Studies at the University of Melbourne where he has taught film since 1993. Mark has worked as a film journalist for ABC Radio and The Age and has a list of over twenty stage credits as a playwright, performer, producer and director.
Following the successful classic Italian cinema workshops run by Mark Nicholls at CO.AS.IT. in 2019, we are continuing the discussion with a series of six more recent classics. Mark has presented video introductions to the first three of these films in late 2020 (the videos can be watched on CO.AS.IT.’s web page: With COVID restrictions easing, we are reverting to face-to-face mode for the last three film discussions. Our aim is to stimulate you to watch these wonderful films, again or for the first time, and to participate once again in the spirited conversations of our regular forum.
  • The Last Emperor (Bernardo Bertolucci, 1987) - talk viewable online:
  • Aprile (Nanni Moretti, 1998) - talk viewable online:
  • Looking for Alibrandi (Kate Woods, 2000) - talk viewable online:
  • Giorni (Laura Muscardin, 2001) – Tuesday 20 April 2021, 6.30-8PM. Registration essential through CO.AS.IT.’s website.
  • Il Divo (Paolo Sorrentino, 2008) – Tuesday 18 May 2021, 6.30-8PM. Registration details to be announced.
  • Call Me By Your Name (Luca Guadagnino, 2017) – Tuesday 15 June 2021, 6.30-8.PM. Registration details to be announced.
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