A study of how the use of address pronouns tu, lei and voi varies across Emilia, Umbria, Lazio, Salento and Sardinia.
A presentation in English by Dr Agnese Bresin
Tuesday 12 July 2022, 6.30-8pm.
CO.AS.IT., 199 Faraday Street, Carlton VIC 3053
Free event. Limited spots. Registration essential below.
In this event, Dr Agnese Bresin will present some key results of her study on Italian address practices. Her research examined how the use of address pronouns tu, lei and voi varies in Italy both in frequency and in connotations. The regions selected comprise locations in the North, Centre and South of the country: Emilia, Umbria, Lazio, Salento (in Puglia) and Sardinia. The situational context analysed was the interaction between waiters and customers during their encounters in restaurants. Her study was published in 2021 with the title Address Variation in Sociocultural Context – Region, power and distance in Italian service encounters. In this interactive event, you will hear the author presenting the findings of her study and you will be able to share experiences and anecdotes.
Agnese Bresin is the author of Address variation in sociocultural context (2021), an investigation of address practices in Italian service encounters. She worked as a lecturer at La Trobe University, after completing her PhD at the University of Melbourne in 2017. Her research interests include language variation, address and politeness, regional varieties of Italian, teaching Italian as a second language and Italian migration to Australia.