Italian Cinema Forum Workshop #3
Date: Tuesday 28 May 2024
Time: 6:30-8:00pm
Location: CO.AS.IT. 199 Faraday Street Carlton
Free Event.
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Italian Cinema Forum 2024, presented by Dr Mark Nicholls

Following the successful classic and contempo­rary Italian cinema workshops chaired by Mark Nicholls at CO.AS.IT. (2019-2023), we continue the discussion with new instalments for 2024. Join us for this year’s forum. Our aim – as always – is to stimulate you to watch these films and tele­vision programs, again or for the first time, and to bring your ideas and insights to our usual lively discussion.


Giulietta Masina in Performance

Actor performance is central to our cinematic experience. In this workshop we turn our attention to the way great acting shapes that experience by celebrating the career of Giulietta Masina (Variety Lights (1950), Nights of Cabiria (1958), Juliet of the Spirits (1965) and her extraordinary performance in Federico Fellini’s international breakout success, La strada (1954)). Analysing key clips from the films, we assess Masina’s acting and the range of skills and techniques she deploys in bringing her character to life. Paying homage to the expertise of Giulietta Masina gives us an ideal opportunity to assess exactly what actors do and how their work shapes our understanding of the cinematic worlds they help to create.

Dr Mark Nicholls is Senior Lecturer in Cinema Studies at the University of Melbourne, where he has taught film since 1993. Mark has worked as a film journalist for ABC Radio and The Age, and has a list of over twenty stage credits as a playwright, performer, producer, and director.

Image: Giulietta Masina in Ai margini della metropoli (C. Lizzani, 1952). Source: Wikimedia commons.