Yearly fee schedule

Fees are inclusive of GST.
  • Full fee
  • $289
  • Per term, 10 weeks at 2 hrs per week
    (= $28.90 per 2 hours)
  • Enrol
  • Concession fee
  • $277
  • Per term 10 weeks at 2 hours per week
    (= $27.70 per 2 hours)
  • Concession fees are available for students, pensioners, those in receipt of unemployment benefits or in the case of more than one family member or friend enrolling in a course at the same time. The concession rate is also given to all students upon their continuation with further courses at CO.AS.IT.
  • Enrol
  • Additional
  • 2nd class fee
  • $46
  • Flat fee per term
  • Second classes are available at the beginning of Week 3. Any classes low in numbers will be offered as a second class for a flat rate fee of $46.
  • Enrol
Enrolled student have up to 12 months free subscription to CO.AS.IT. Resource Centre.
Note: Fees are due on or before the first class. Payment must be received by CO.AS.IT. before confirmation of a place in a course can ensue.