About Orizzonti

Subscribers of the CO.AS.IT. Resource Centre receive three issues of the electronic educational magazine Orizzonti per calendar year. Available in Terms 2, 3 and 4, this publication has been developed by teachers and provides teaching and learning strategies from Foundation to Year 12. A download link is provided to each subscriber via email. 

Note: Subscriber schools ONLY can purchase back issues.

Archive of past editions of Orizzonti

Following is a summary of past editions which are available for a fee of $22 (includes GST) per edition.

Note: During the COVID-19 pandemic, the following issues are available online at no cost as flipbooks, for use within the CO.AS.IT. website.

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Year Edition Content
2022 December L'utilizzo di elementi visivi nel programma italiano
  October Famigli
  August L'Italiano e i giovani
2021 December (2) Il tempo libero
  December Competenza orale
  September Il Natale
2020 December Sustainable Fruit and Vegetables
  November I mercati nel mondo
  April Gianni Rodari
2019 December Celebrando i 10 anni del Museo Italiano
  September L’Italiano sul palcoscenico
  May Leonardo Da Vinci
2018 June Nonni 
  October Il Suono
  December L’Amicizia
2017 July Viaggiare e Turismo 
  October La Pubblicita'
  December Le Belle Arti
2016 June Le Emozioni
  August Special supplementary edition of Orizzonti: The Games of the XXXI Olimpiad
  September L'abbigliamento e la moda
  December Letteratura
2015 June Architettura: qui e là
  September Il regno degli animali
  December Una festa per ogni giorno!
2014 April April Il Giro d'Italia
  September Le donne: ieri e oggi
  December Tecnologia
2013 June La sostenibilità
  September Il passato e il presente: la storia
  December Carnevale: Not just masks
2012 April Una Ricetta Per Ogni Stagione
  September Australia
  December La Commedia dell'Arte
2011 April Il Caffe'
  September La Gioventu'
  December Terra e Mare
2010 April Melbourne
  September Canzoni
  December Shopping
2009 April Astronomy
  August Pasta
  November Animals
2008 April Healthy Food Choices
  July Italian Landmarks
  October Pompeii
2007 April Festivals in Italy
  July The Geography of Italy
  October The World Around Us
2006  April 2006 World Cup
  July Civics & Citizenship
  October Toys
2005 April Numeracy
  June Italian language activities to accompany Per L'Australia : the story of Italian Migration by Julia Church
  September 2006 Winter Olympics : Torino
2004 April Fairytales
  June Songs in the Classroom
  September Grammar Games in the Classrooom
2003 May Ancient Rome / Modern Rome
  September Famous Italians
  November A Ticket To Italy
2002 April The Environment
  July Italian Icons
  November Carlton : The Italian Influence
2001 April Arts & Entertainment
  July Lifestyles
  November Health & Safety
2000 March 2000 Olympic Games : Sydney
  July 2000 Olympic Games : Sydney
  November Italian Migration to Australia