50 years of service

A significant story – una storia importante

CO.AS.IT. has been involved with so many events, projects and activities that our timeline coincides with key moments in the history of the Italian community in Victoria and in Australia. CO.AS.IT. has been and still is a remarkable and vital presence in Australian society. We tried to incorporate this presence and our everyday work in a special insert in IL GLOBO which can be downloaded below.

50 years of work with the Australian Italian community and 50 years of commitment to a fair and inclusive Australian society are great achievements for an organisation established by Italian migrant families.

Today we are celebrating those achievements, with our past and present board members, our past and present members of staff and our past and present volunteers and supporters. But today, most importantly, we are celebrating CO.AS.IT., a great multicultural organisation, a service provider, a place of memories and heritage but also a centre for the promotion of excellence and the exchange of new ideas. CO.AS.IT. is part of the multicultural landscape of Australia: over the years we have been fundamental in the promotion of the Italian language and culture. CO.AS.IT. developed services for the Italian community, for our ageing community, for the most disadvantaged members of our community, mindful of social, cultural and linguistic diversity.

Today we are also celebrating ourselves, our own diversity, our coming from different backgrounds and experiences, but everyone connected to a vision, to an idea, to a goal. CO.AS.IT. can continue to bring us together, keep us focused on what must be done and provide a common place of engagement for those who wish to continue to serve the Australian Italian community.

Happy Birthday CO.AS.IT.


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Celebrating with the CO.AS.IT. family

CO.AS.IT. Melbourne, the main Italian welfare and cultural organisation in Australia, has turned fifty. The 50th anniversary of CO.AS.IT. was celebrated with a special Gala event at the “Peninsula” venue in Docklands on Sunday 16 September 2018. This major event was attended by more than 500 people representing various social, cultural and professional sectors of the Italian community in Victoria.

CO.AS.IT.’s individual members, present and past employees, members of the board, clients and consumers of CO.AS.IT.’s services, presidents of CO.AS.IT. Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, had the chance to hear from our President Ms Rhonda Barro, Hon. Lily D’Ambrosio and the Italian Ambassador to Australia Dott. Stefano Gatti.

Another significant event to celebrate our anniversary was a piano recital by the young and talented Italian pianist Daklen Difato. The concert was held at The Eldon Hogan Performing Arts Centre, Xavier College in Kew, on Saturday 7 July 2018. The outstanding performance featured music by Schumann and Schubert and was attended by hundreds of classical music enthusiasts.