Requesting digital copies of images

Most images from the Italian Historical Society Photograph Collection are available for purposes of research and study within approved projects of a community, educational or cultural nature. Images can be ordered using the Digital Image Request / Permission to Publish Form which can be downloaded below.

Download DIgital Image Request / Permission to Publish Form (pdf)

The supply of digital images via email will incur an administrative charge of A$44, including GST per digital image.
Please note: extra services such as rescanning, mailing of CD will incur additional costs.  

The standard processing time for image requests is up to 3 weeks depending on staff availability, the number of images to be processed and the need for rescanning. This time frame includes assessing if the image is cleared for use. Urgent requests are subject to staff workload and may incur an additional fee.

Images will be delivered electronically unless otherwise requested.  

Please read the conditions below prior to ordering images:

  1. Compliance with the Copyright Act is the responsibility of the person requesting the image and the Italian Historical Society (IHS) is not liable if I fail to comply.
  2. Captions are supplied by the IHS in good faith. The IHS is not liable for any incorrect information supplied.
  3. The image must not be cropped or altered without written approval from the IHS.
  4. Prepayment must be made before the IHS will release the image/s.
  5. The permission granted is personal to the applicant for one time use only for the purpose specified and may not be assigned, transferred or sub-let to any other party.
  6. The IHS reserves the right to refuse to supply material or to withdraw approval to publish.
  7. Immediately after publication, one complimentary copy of the publication or product must be sent to the IHS.
  8. The material is not to be absorbed into another repository nor added to any database without the written approval of the IHS.
  9. The IHS is to be acknowledged in all quotes and reproduced material with the words: Reproduced with permission of CO.AS.IT. – Italian Historical Society.
Privacy policy

The Italian Historical Society protects all personal information and health information which it collects, holds and uses in accordance with the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988. The full CO.AS.IT. policy can be found here.


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