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Archives – Australia

ACT Records Office

Archives Office of Tasmania

Australian War Memorial

National Archives of Australia

National Film and Sound Archive

Public Record Office Victoria

Queensland State Archives

State Records NSW

State Records of South Australia

State Records Office of Western Australia

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Family history research – Australia

Cemetery records in Australia

Genealogy, family history and historical societies

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Family history research – Australian registries of Births, Death and Marriages (BDMs)

Australian Bureau of Statistics

ACT Births, Deaths and Marriages

NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages

Northern Territory Births, Deaths and Marriages

Queensland Births, Deaths and Marriages

South Australia Births, Deaths and Marriages,-deaths-and-marriages

Tasmania Births, Deaths and Marriages

Victoria Births, Deaths and Marriages

Western Australia Births, Deaths and Marriages

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Family history research - Italy

Family history: Abruzzo

Family history: Valdese, Piedmont

How to conduct family history research in Italy

Italian White Pages

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Family history research – Libraries

ACT Public Libraries

Family Search

National Library of Australia

Northern Territory Library

Picture Australia

State Library of New South Wales

State Library of Queensland

State Library of South Australia

State Library of Tasmania

State Library of Victoria

State Library of Western Australia

TROVE (National Library of Australia)

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Italian research centres and institutes in Australia

Australasian Centre for Italian Studies (WA)

Italian Australian Institute (VIC)

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Relevant museums and collections in Australia

Bonegilla Migration Reception and Training Centre

The Candela sheet music collection at Monash University

Chinese Museum

Eureka Centre

Hellenic Museum

Immigration Museum (Museums Victoria)

Italian Historical Society collection at Museums Victoria

Italian Historical Society collection at the State Library of Victoria

Islamic Museum of Australia

Jewish Museum of Australia

Migration Museum South Australia

Multicultural Museums Victoria

National Museum of Australia

The New Italy Museum (NSW)

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Migration museums and research organisations in Italy

Centro di Documentazione Emigrazione Lunigianese (Tuscany)

Centro di Documentazione sull’Emigrazione, Bedonia (Emilia-Romagnia)

Centro Internazionale Studi Emigrazione Italiana (CISEI) (Liguria)

Centro Studi Emigrazione Roma (CSER) (Lazio)

Centro Studi Immigrazione (CESTIM) (Veneto)

Centro Studi Joseph Tusiani (Puglia)

Centro Studi sui Molisani nel Mondo (Molise)

Fondazione “Giovani Agnelli” (Piedmont)

Fondazione “Paolo Cresci” per la storia dell’emigrazione italiana (Tuscany)

Italici (Lombardy) 

“La Reggia dei Volsci” – Museo della Citta’ di Carpineto Romano (Lazio)

Museo dell’Emigrazione di Cansano (Abruzzo)

Museo dell’Emigrazione della Gente di Toscana (Tuscany)

Museo dell’Emigrazione “Giovanni Battista Scalabrini” (Calabria)

Museo dell’Emigrazione Piemontese (Piedmont)

Museo della Figurina di Gesso e dell’Emigrazione (Tuscany)

Museo Etnografico Tiranese (Lombardy)

Museo narrante dell’emigrazione La nave della Sila – Parco Old Calabria (Calabria)

Istituzione Musei del Mare e delle Migrazioni

Galata Museo del Mare (Istituzione Musei del Mare e delle Migrazioni)

Fondazione Napoli Novantanove (Campagnia)

Museo Nazionale dell’Emigrazione Italiana (Lazio)

Museo Regionale dell’Emigrazione “Pietro Conti” (Umbria)

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Migration museums and research organisations – Outside Australia and Italy

Association for the Study of Modern Italian (England)

Centre de Documentation sur les Migrations Humaines (CDMH) (Luxemburg)

Centre d’Etudes et de Documentation de l’Emigration Italianne (CEDEI) (France)

Ellis Island Museum (United States)

Ellis Island Shipping Lists

Immigration History Research Centre (United States)

The Italian Academy (United States)

Italian American Museum (United States)

The John D. Calandra Italian American Institute (United States)

Memorial do Inmigrante (Brazil)

MhiC – Museo de la Historia de la Imigracion de Cataluna (Spain)

Museo dell’Emigrante (San Marino)

Museo Nacional de la Inmigracion (Argentina)

Museu da emigracao e das comunidades (Portugal)

The Museum of Immigration and Diversity (England)

Pier 21 – Canada’s Immigration Museum (Canada) 

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Educational programs
Offering a special education program for teachers of Italian, English and SOSE – with self-guided or staff-led options – Museo Italiano is the perfect place for your next excursion!
School visits
Further research
The IHS has extensive collections of historic materials documenting the Italian presence in Australia. These are made available to scholars, writers and the community to assist them in family and community research.
Temporary exhibitions and events

Complementing the Museo's permanent collections, Co.As.It. regularly hosts temporary exhibitions and cultural events.
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