What is the Museo Italiano?

Museo Italiano is a permanent exhibition which draws on and displays the records, images and objects of the Italian Historical Society.

The permanent exhibition focuses on an exploration of the history of Italian immigration and settlement illustrates the broader experience and influence of Italian migration to Australia.

The exhibition utilises objects, multimedia and interactive displays to showcase the history of Italian immigration, and the continuing change of identity and culture.

Is the Museo Italiano open to the public?

YES, opening hours are:
Monday closed
Tuesday–Friday 10am-5pm
Saturday 12noon-5pm
Groups by appointment

Where is the Museo Italiano located and how do I get there?

The museum is located at 199 Faraday Street, Carlton – see Google map

Does the Museo Italiano have admission fees?

Entry is free.

What will I see at Museo Italiano?

The layout of the exhibition is broadly chronological and, through its themes, represents the journey of Italian migrants and families to Australia, from the early days of European settlement. The exhibition includes a detailed Timeline, highlighting significant and parallel events in the history of Italy, Australia and the world.

The themes represented within the Museo include:

  • Departures – a multimedia immersive experience giving insight into the reasons for migration, the adventure of the journey and the feeling of dislocation on arrival in Australia;
  • Making Lives – a 10 minute documentary film, focussing on the beginnings and growth of the Italian community in Carlton;
  • Settlement – an object based display which tells the many stories of how Italians re-established their lives and communities in Melbourne, utilising objects and skills that they had brought with them or created in Melbourne;
  • Interactions – displays, though the four sub-themes of performance, language, sport and food, the ways in which the Italian community began to establish itself and interact with the wider Australian community;
  • Identity – a series of 16 short films examining the many ways that Italian Australians chose to continue to interpret and reinterpret the culture of their Italian forebearers in Australia.
What is available for schools?

Museo Italiano is a great place for a school excursion – and a must for Italian language classes. We offer staff-led programs conducted in Italian and English for a fee. School groups may also book free self-guided visits. Education materials are available for preparation, self-guiding and follow-up activities.

For information, see Museo Italiano School Visits

Is photography permitted within the Museo Italiano?

Yes, but no flash please and no selfie sticks.

Does the Museo Italiano have a Facebook page?

Yes, https://www.facebook.com/CoasitMelbourne/