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CO.AS.IT. works closely with a number of organisations – prominent among these are:

Istituto Italiano di Cultura (IIC) - Italian Cultural Institute Melbourne

The IIC is the official body of the Italian Government for the promotion of Italian language and culture, covering the states of Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia. 

A partnership agreement was signed on 4 October 2018 on behalf of their respective organisations by Giancarlo Martini-Piovano, Chief Executive Officer, CO.AS.IT. and Dr Laura Napolitano, Director, IIC (see photo below).

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IIC website:

CO.AS.IT. Sydney, CO.AS.IT. Brisbane and CO.AS.IT. Perth

On 15 September 2018, CO.AS.IT. Melbourne signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with its counterparts on a shared vision of the importance of the provision of education, welfare, cultural, aged care and disability services for the benefit of the Italian and wider communities, including the promotion of the Italian language and culture, at a state and national level (see image of the meeting and agreement below).

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CO.AS.IT. Sydney website:
CO.AS.IT. Brisbane website::
CO.AS.IT. Perth contact:

Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Victoria and Italian Embassy in Australia

CO.AS.IT. was chosen as the institution that would be responsible for the delivery of Italian linguistic and cultural services in Australia including the professional development of teachers of Italian in the State.

education2 MOU

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Department of Education and Early Childhood Development website:
Italian Embassy website:

Introducing Multicultural Museums Victoria

An alliance of five museums, representing cultural groups that already play a significant role in presenting Victoria’s multicultural heritage, has been formed. The museums are:

The protection and promotion of cultural and natural diversity are increasingly seen as major challenges in the 21st century and in this museums have a special role to play in a variety of ways. Museums and other cultural heritage institutions have been shown to play a critical role as places where diverse communities meet to better understand these issues, and to work together towards a stronger society and a better future. MMV represents and showcases this positive message about diversity.

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