CO.AS.IT. Italian Assistance Association Mission Statement

CO.AS.IT. – Italian Assistance Association – has operated in Australia since 1968 as a charitable institution, strongly committed to the general well-being and the enhancement of the quality of life of the Italian–Australian community. We aim to achieve the full potential of our community through the delivery of culturally appropriate services and the promotion of the Italian language, culture and heritage.

CO.AS.IT. engages and empowers the Italian–Australian community by delivering best practice services and programs in the aged care, education, culture and heritage sectors.

CO.AS.IT. actively promoted and supported the integration of Italian migrants in the social fabric of Australia and today it delivers culturally and linguistically appropriate services to Italians living in Victoria.

CO.AS.IT. developed and maintained services for the social integration, inclusion and cohesion of migrants and today we are implementing policies and services designed to improve the life of 'consumers' and their general wellbeing.

CO.AS.IT. supports linguistic and cultural diversity through multiculturalism.

CO.AS.IT. promotes a comprehensive approach, involving all sectors: education, culture, social services, communication and information. We believe that language maintenance has a vital role in ensuring cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue. We are committed to promoting quality education for all, strengthening cooperation and building better communities by preserving our cultural heritage and our history.

– 50 years of experience, serving the Italian–Australian community – 

Brief history
c1980. The signing of the Agreement between CO.AS.IT.-Italian Assistance Association Melbourne and the Ministry of Education for the teaching of the Italian language in State Schools

CO.AS.IT. was established in 1968 to provide a range of social welfare services in response to the needs of the Italian migrant settlers in Australia. The headquarters was in Carlton, the suburb many Italians chose to settle in when they first arrived.

The first trained Social Worker was employed in 1968 along with many volunteers. By 1976, through the Grant-in-Aid Scheme, a Welfare Officer, two full-time and two-part time Social Workers were employed. In the years that followed, the expansion of welfare programs included the employment of an Italian Legal Officer, the establishment of several group work programs for women and the appointment of a Youth Worker.

Our activities and experience as a leading Welfare Agency servicing Italian migrants have always been of great interest to Italian Government Officials visiting Australia and a visit to our offices has always been on their Agenda. Australian Federal Ministers, State and Opposition spokespersons and Members of Parliament have also often visited CO.AS.IT. to discuss Government funded programs and to become more acquainted with our activities.

Since 1976, the Governor of Victoria and spouse have been Patrons-In-Chief of CO.AS.IT.


Organisational profile


  • President: Comm. Vincent Volpe, AM
  • Vice Presidents: Grace Alessandrini, Dr Tony Bartone
  • Treasurer: Dr Dominic Barbaro, AM
  • Secretary: Carmen Randazzo
  • Members:
    • Dr Paul Arduca
    • Anna Trabucco
    • Cav Vito Cassisi
    • Ms Maria Irminger
    • Don Pasquariello
    • Silvana Sgrò
    • Prof Mauro Sandrin
    • Ciro Fiorini
    • Bruna Pasqua


  • Marco Fedi

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