Become a Member of CO.AS.IT. – Italian Assistance Association

CO.AS.IT. Italian Assistance Association has operated in Australia since 1968 as a charitable institution, strongly committed to the general well-being and the enhancement of the quality of life of the Italian–Australian community. We aim to achieve the full potential of our community through the delivery of culturally appropriate services and the promotion of the Italian language, culture and heritage.

CO.AS.IT. engages and empowers the Italian–Australian community by delivering best practice services and programs in the aged care, education, culture and heritage sectors.

CO.AS.IT. actively promoted and supported the integration of Italian migrants in the social fabric of Australia and today it delivers culturally and linguistically appropriate services to Italians living in Victoria.

CO.AS.IT. developed and maintained services for the social integration, inclusion and cohesion of migrants and today we are implementing policies and services designed to improve the life of 'consumers' and their general wellbeing.

CO.AS.IT. supports linguistic and cultural diversity through multiculturalism.

CO.AS.IT. promotes a comprehensive approach, involving all sectors: education, culture, social services, communication and information. We believe that language maintenance has a vital role in ensuring cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue. We are committed to promoting quality education for all, strengthening cooperation and building better communities by preserving our cultural heritage and our history.

50 years of experience, serving the Italian-Australian community

Membership is open to everyone: it is an opportunity for those that are committed to working with the Italian community and preserving the qualities that have enabled this community to flourish. Members are also eligible to vote for the Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting.

Should you have any queries, or wish to apply to become a member, please call the General Manager at CO.AS.IT. on (03) 9349 9000 or email to obtain a membership form and relevant information.