Un tema scottante: Il cambiamento climatico e l'ambiente

Cover Climate Change

A collection of teaching activities designed to address the issue of climate change and its effects on the environment. This resource for senior students features activities for writing, listening, reading and speaking. The exercises proposed will enhance specific vocabulary and language structure on the topic. Click on the title or the image to download a *.zip file containing all the material or download the single items below:

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Braving Bonegilla

Braving Bonegilla


The Bonegilla Migrant Reception and Training Centre operated from 1947 to 1971. Over that period it housed over 300,000 Eu ropean displaced people and migrants intending to settle in Australia.

Bonegilla was the first and largest of 23 migrant centres in Australia. Originally an army camp, it was converted by the Department of Immigration to accommodate displaced people after World War II. From 1951 the Centre started accommodating and educating migrants, and assisting them to find work.

Download a PDF of resources from the Museo Italiano.